Do you really need to be a kid to read Comics?

“Are you a kid to read comics?” my father asked me in his mocking tone, bringing me out of the reverie of a thrilling storyline. Yes, i was reading a graphic novel or ‘comic’ according to my father and even though it was a fantastic read, it bugged me why people had issues with comic books.

As I tried to get back my mind into the plot, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of déjà vu. A couple of weeks back, someone else had asked me the same question sarcastically which led me to thinking about the preconceived notion about comics. What is the reason for people, well most of them, thinking that comics is only for small kids? Sure if any adult has a novel in their hand, they are looked upon as an avid reader but hold a Batman graphic novel while traveling and you can feel the stares boring into you.

Sometimes usually when someone asks, “Why comics?” I feel sorry for them. Because I think, comics are one of the most brilliant thing to be ever created. Sure, anyone can read and understand a James Patterson book, but comics are in some different league of their own. Every tiny detail, from sketches to inking, from single unrelated story to the whole plot, creates a spell binding effect which makes it almost impossible to put down. And for that effect to be created, it needs people who are masters of their work and I have an immense respect for the work they create.

Having said so, I go back to my latest Batman comic, which is amazing to say the least, all the while thinking…I need to get Calvin & Hobbes collection too!


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