Does Music has the Power to Heal?

That’s the question I am stumped on right now. Usually the crazy questions comes while I am about to sleep, but since this one has chosen this moment to form in my head; I will ponder over it while I listen to music.

For my answer to be understood, I would like to start somewhere it makes sense. Recently I was going through a…let’s say, difficult situation and I was sad about it. And the only thing which helped me was music of-course! There is nothing more soothing than a beautiful piece of melody with instruments and nothing more powerful than the dancing to those beats. Whatever the occasion or situation, music always helps. I know it doesn’t provide a solution but it surely helps to forget the problem for a while, at least.

Currently music is evolving at such breakneck speed that even the sky doesn’t seem to be the limit. Every day, we hear new things that make us yearn for more. Be it Mozart or Coldplay, EDM or Rock music, every single one of them helps to go through the day or night. And for music lovers, it’s the connection to discover the sole purpose of being. Each music is a gem in itself and the people who make it.

So does Music really help? My answer is, it gives the strength to face the difficult situation, which is a part in healing process and spread the happiness. So, till next time, keep dancing to those beats!


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