Being a newbie writer.

First of all, being a part of writing community is pretty fantastic feeling. It almost feels like being a part of something bigger, something better. And being a newbie, this is what I need…to be able to understand various subjects and various point of views.

Writing was always a part of me, ever since I was a boy. I knew even then writing helped to describe things…i mean, emotions which I never could express it orally. That’s why I always took solace in fictional novels. They were the biggest inspiration and comfort. Its the only thing I rely on, still now.

Initially, writing for 20 minutes felt like a lifelong work and after i started flirting with my keyboard, I don’t know how 20 minutes of my life has fled! Its pretty good way to waste it, though. I don’t know where I have heard this but it suits aptly for this moment…”Time enjoyed wasting is not a wasted time!”


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