The Seashore


Ever since I was a kid, I was always infatuated with seashore. And being near one helped me with my infatuation too. It’s the one place I ever felt truly calm and happy. And the view…Oh sweet heavens!

There’s nothing more blissful than the sand underneath your feet, the sound of waves crashing, making a beautiful melody, the gentle wind on your face and the afterglow of sunset.
The trail of footsteps on sand letting the earth know u walked here, the sea water caressing your feet, the bobbing of boats on the water so far that it looks like a toy and the gentle sway of trees almost as if dancing with the breeze.
The fine grains of sand slipping through the fingers when you hold it, the small native crabs running to their safe place upon your arrival, the serene feeling washing over while watching the sunset.

If only life could be that simpler…


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