Committed to Music…Now comitting to Writing about it.

Well I would admit, the first time I heard about this assignment to write about the 3 most significant songs…I was stumped! For one thing, most of the songs in my collection are pretty significant to me. Its not easy to write about just three bcos as a music lover, every music is very helpful in some kind of way. Whatever the emotions, every piece of music plays an important role in my life. So begging forgiveness fromthe other songs, I have chosen the ones which I have felt have been very…i think the word Im searching for is ‘influential’ for me till now.

I know one thing for sure with this assignment is I will get to know various genres and songs from various fellow 101 bloggers and im sure im going to love those blogs. Actually I had written reently a blog related to music and there i had said muisc doesnt help to solve the problems but it sure helps to forget it for a while.

Music has the power to calm the heart down when its hurting and also helps to pump the energy, the zeal when required. Personally even though whatever the swirling emotions i go through in a day, music always..and i repeat always, has provided a soothing effect. A blanket of calm when sad and rainbow of joy when happy.The instruments, the chorus, the vocals, every part necessary for creation helps me. I wiuld like to thank all those music makers for helping me as always, since I was a kid.

O yea..almost forgot the 3 significant songs for me…

  1. Above & Beyond Feat Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love
  2. Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come To An End)
  3. Coldplay – Paradise





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