Part I : The Loss

I’m afraid you have lost your senses!‘ I’m sure that’s what my mother was thinking when she realized I was serious about writing.You see, I have done chemical engg. and instead of joining a chemical industry, I’m trying to get a decent job in writing profession. And I’m right about my mom…which parent in their right mind would like to see their child struggle to face the world?

So yea, she was right…but not about losing my ‘senses’. I have lost much more important that. Over the years, i have lost many things…few people too. Like that Batman I had with contraptions which could open its wings or that fiery red ‘hot wheels’ car I used to zip through the terrace or that school friend I don’t talk to anymore. Ahh…those were the days, almost makes me feel nostalgic!

But even though I mourn the loss of so many things, there is something I mourn more. And i still yearn for it…


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