Part III : The Promise

Sure when I started writing this post of trilogy, I never knew I will get this far. To think I will write a second part, let alone a third…if you had asked it before, I would have laughed at your face. Trying to be a writer, I know my limitations, which is I don’t like to write emotional stuff. Its too boring, too messy and yet here I am…

So, trying to be a kid or never growing up is not easy, particularly when you are almost an adult and already getting the responsibilities. But sure, being a kid is easy when you are with people who know u better. So that’s what I do, when i need to escape from responsibilities…being with friends. People who don’t judge you and they are the one’s who makes you happy when everything is falling around you.

That’s my promise…to be with friends and be there for them. Because I know…it will help me to be better.


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