The Ride above the Sea.


Whatever the current situation is, if your friends asks you to come for a hangout, you go…no questions asked. Its an untold pact we all make. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to go out with them and I didn’t even ask where. Now it seems it was a pretty good idea…not to ask. B’cos I wouldn’t have had that look of surprise and joy with me if I knew I was going to a place where I had never been before….The Bandra-Worli Sealink.

The car ride at the humid climate made the visitation a little bit bothersome but the moment we were on that Sealink, the towering structures with the cables holding that majestic bridge made us feel in awe and wonder. The smooth roads, the various cars racing to their destinations and the cool breeze made the group feel….i think ‘contented’ is the proper word here.

Forgot that we were hauled by traffic policeman for extra people or we didn’t have proper papers of the car, yet that hindrance was minor hiccup. What is more fun than group of friends arguing over which song should be played in the car or confusing each other where to eat? The whole trip was filled with fun, especially because everyone of them had finally completed last paper of their 4 year-long engineering course.


The Worli Seaface was an added bonus. Watching the waves crashing over the shores while everyone sitting with a satisfied smile was just a calming effect everyone needed.

Finally the return journey of dropping friends one-by-one home, all the while admiring the view of empty road, the lamp post disappearing from the view due to car zooming at good speed and the night sky with small specks of lights from the apartments were the perfect ingredients for the serene feeling washing over and ending the awesome time everyone had with yearning for more of such times in future.



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