Red Sweater

The evening was surprisingly cool for a humid summer which is perfect for the people to take a stroll and for kids to play at the park. The light breeze along with the chirpy surroundings was proving to be the right ingredient for every living being. The benches at the park were almost filled up with people who were enjoying the leisurely evening. Couples just walking, lovingly holding hands and smiling whereas the kids having fun at the merry-go-round, the sounds of laughter filling the sky and the old one’s just sitting, re-living their memories.

Man: Sigh! The climate is so beautiful today…it’s been so long since I got out for a stroll, especially with her. Her hand is so soft. I hope I can hold it forever. The way she smiles, it makes the sky radiant. How can I leave her if all I think about is her? Oh damn, I’m bumbling like an idiot now! I just hope she likes me. The way her hair is dancing with breeze and oh those eyes, it draws me in. And the way her…STOP IT! Get a grip, You are going crazy. Just live the moment, man.
That old woman is knitting so much with concentration. Is that red shirt? Nope, looks like sweater. Its so…umm nice. She is straining so hard to complete that work. And look at those trembling hands, she must really love that kid for whom she is knitting. What is it Im feeling? And why my eyes are getting damp just by seeing that old woman?

Woman: Those kids are so cute. I wish I could play with them. This evening feels so special today. First, he asked me to come for a stroll, which is so not like him. What’s gotten to him today? Something is different about him. The way he holds my hand, its so adorable. I hope he likes me more than he lets know. Those strong, rough fingers are so steady and calm.
That old couple looks so beautiful at that bench and look at that old woman knitting that red sweater, its so sweet. She is concentrating so much on that sweater.

Old woman: This needle goes here and this one goes here…ahha this red sweater is coming nicely. Finally I can gift it to my grandson this one. He will look so handsome in this! My eyesight is becoming weaker now, I just hope I will able to finish this sweater soon. Such a fine evening for stroll, if only my dear husband had come! Maybe tomorrow he will be better and then we can go for stroll…


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