The Dance

“Dude you ready right?” my pal asked me.

“Of course, do you even need to ask?” I mocked him. But truth was far from it. Inside I was a jumble of nervous energy. Thankfully, he had his own nervousness to see through my fake confidence.

“What if I didn’t make it this time too?” he nervously admitted his fear. Though I felt the same, I assured him.

“Then we both are going to hell.” It wasn’t complete lie. We both would have got thrown from home assuredly.

“Here comes our group. Just act cool.” that dumb guy said to me.

“Just a few minutes ago you were shaking like leaf from fear and now look at you…COOL huh?” I emphasized the word ‘cool’ which earned me a punch.

“Guys…You ready right? This is going to be so fun.” A short heighted girl said in her sing-song voice, followed by 3 more people. Unfortunately we knew her.

“You bet. I can’t wait to see you dance near Dean’s cabin to our song.” I said to her. Unfortunately, she could see through my fake confidence unlike him. Being a best friend of mine she knew me.

“If you guys don’t pass in this subject, you will be dancing near girl’s room.” She laughingly said, the kind of laugh which makes one feel to squeeze the neck of the source.

And laughing together we set to our destination…


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