The Renovation


I was 12 and it was renovation time of home. This period of life is one of the worst and best at same time for everyone. Parents are at their crankiest at this time while kids are opposite. My story was similar too! Mom and Dad both were shifting every furniture from one place to other…sometimes getting annoyed with furniture too. And me and my sis reveling at the new-found places to play. Well not ‘new’ per say, but the places which were occupied by those furniture.

Its safe to say we got scolded more than once usually but who was counting! We were having fun and out of blue mom dumped a huge blue plastic at living room. Curious, as I was at that age, I ran and peeked inside. U never know what kind of insect would pop out. And I actually jumped with excitement…I mean quite literally. Fist pump in air and all that. Inside there were LEGO bricks, which I had got as birthday present when I was 6 and forgotten all about it now. To say the hours spent building things with that would be anyone’s guess.

And for the rest of renovation days and later, Lego and I was inseparable!

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