The Storeroom

“For your punishment, you will  sort out the mess of all the things in storeroom. And I want it to be neat and tidy before I go home. Now get out of my face!” that was my professor, trying to scare me for the statement I allegedly made when he said “In the end of this ruler is a fool”. How was I supposed to know which side of ruler he was talking about? So anyways, before he got further mad, I rushed out.

The storeroom of a college is the last place anyone want to be, ever. Imagine a room full of cobwebs, dust and things laying here and there. Old trophies, chess boards and I even spotted a cricket bat, which didn’t have a handle! But I was assigned for such a challenge because Annual Festival of our college was coming up and that meant needing lots of spaces for rehearsal.

So as I was rummaging at that place, a glint of metal caught my eye. After braving (read choking!) lots of dust and cobwebs, I got to my source. I pulled it out from the rubble and I couldn’t believe my eyes. A Remington Typewriter! To say it as vintage would be an insult to typewriter family itself. I was giddy with excitement. Here I was in a room full of unwanted thing and I had found one thing which was the best in the whole college. Sure it needed some oiling and servicing but I knew it was going to work smoother than butter.

The moment i had laid my eyes on it, I knew my punishment was going to be more severe later because I couldn’t help myself .I couldn’t believe my luck! It was one of the finest piece of machinery I had laid my eyes on. Every spring, every key and every part of it was exquisite. A damn fine model to have endless time imaging and writing the stuffs I loved writing about.


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