What Is Fun About?

I met with a long lost friend of mine today. Someone I was very close to but we had got busy with our activities in this journey called life. The meeting was sudden out of the blue. Just a text of address and lo and behold, here we were, at some half-opened mall. We spent the time reminiscing about the times we had fun. About the time when the whole bunch of our group, acted like crazy. Some of the fondest memories of our college times!

We parted later after catching up with loads of stuff, having crazy talks and laughing like nobody else mattered. While coming back, a thought struck me and before I was given this assignment, I was thinking about it as to how to put it in a blog. The thought was a simple one. ‘What is fun all about?

The answer for that question is not easy and will never be. Every person will answer this question differently and that goes for me too. Fun is something which is the human element, the profound basis for our existence. And yet, people forget about it. Nowadays all everyone is trying is for getting money, fame or some other which comes in this category.

Remember the time when we were children and all we cared about was simple and innocent things. Like playing in the mud or wondering where rain came from or trying to be good for Santa to bring that favorite batman figure for us. That period of life where he loved going to school just to meet our friends and share lunch, loving the summer for the vacation time and waiting excitedly for birthday party.

Those were the times when we truly had fun. No hassles, no fuss and definitely not stressed for homework! Those moments are now just replaced with various activities which is just a shell for fun. Fun is just one factor which can help to achieve happiness. Because ultimately whatever we do is for achieving happiness.

Fun is about having friends who we can laugh with, express ourselves without fearing for their judging and most importantly, be ourselves.

Fun is having a loving family who protects you from the onslaught of world.

Fun is helping the ones who need you.

But the most important goal for keeping the fun alive is to keep that child alive inside you who loved the mud and the rain.


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