The Time I was Lost!

When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.


Now this blog is one of the most memorable one…ever! This happened when I was 6 or maybe even younger. And the narration below is the one I have heard from many people from my building. So maybe its not fully accurate. I remember just some specks of it. So here it goes, according to my sources…

It was evening time, I was playing with a big ball and was alone. I remember my mom saying to not venture outside the building gates. Unfortunately, my ball was not privy to that command and it chose to defy my mom’s order and it bounced outside. And as I didn’t want to be bored, I went past the gates of hell to retrieve my chosen orb.

I remember chasing the ball, trying to get my fingers on it…unsuccessfully! And when I did get my hands on, I was unaware of the strange planet I was in. Cars and bikes zipping around me. The sounds of honks and talks, almost made me panic. And then a knight in shining armor, cycle saw me alone and asked the most obvious question, “Are you lost, son?” This I remember correctly.

I don’t know what I replied (I was little shy of talking to strangers at that time). And then I remember the specks of the knight placing me in his cycle, we zipping through the unknown streets and finally reaching a police station, where the knight left me under the supervision of some tough looking, khaki uniform men. I remember the drawings I made: a butterfly and a bench. I have no idea how I chose that specific things from my tiny brain.

All the while at my place, whole building was anxious to find the boy who breached the gates alone. According to my sources, some of them were emotionally panicked. And lo and behold! I was at home, in my mom’s arms with that ball in my hand!

Actually my dad had come to police station to report my missing and found me trying to become the next Da Vinci! Now I don’t know what i said or did after I got home but according to others I was nothing short of a miracle. To be lost and found at the time when there were no cellphones or computers, even I shudder sometimes how I was found!

So I honestly don’t know my lost and found memory was enjoyable or stressed one, but I am thankful of that knight who rescued me.


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