Growing Old!

You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?

Here I was, musing to my stern dad’s saying of when I will grow up. Before I could think about it, I am 10 years older! Meaning its 2024 and I am….WAIT! It’s 2024? What the hell? Now how am I supposed to fix my career plans? (If I have a career, that is to fix!)
Just the other day I was thinking of changing my career path and now I am fast-forwarded to the moment of choice. The moment of whether to stay on the usual stable part or go for the next adventure!
But even if years has passed, my plans remain the same. To be able to help people however I can. Sure I will be less-young to do that but I wont be stopping what I love to do.  But surely, I will need to put the gears in motion to cover those 10 years.
So better than to whine about 10 lost years, I would rather make the utilization of the remaining life I have got. As Michael Caine once said, “To me, growing old is great. It’s the very best thing – considering the alternative.


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