A Concert That Couldn’t Be Better!

A great roar ushered the band into the spotlight. Waves of hands rose to greet them. The guy at the center, a tall broad men with a jovial smile imprinted on his face, made the heart throb of thousands like me. Knowing what was in store for the next hour, I couldn’t but be giddy with excitement. I could almost the imagine the spectrum of sound-waves dancing through Byculla’s Richardson & Cruddas.

Maybe I should start at the beginning. I was at a music concert of #RedBullTourBus in Mumbai. They had promised an #OffTheRoof experience and they delivered it one hundred percent. An amazing set of artists performed to the crowds delight. But I am talking about that one band who made me feel something that I never experienced before. They are well known as the team behind ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’.

I am sure not many of you readers know them but I would recommend to give a try to their music. They have created the best folk-rock music I have ever heard.

The bunch of us were already swooning to the rhythm of the guitars and they were not even at their full mast! As the time progressed, so did their music. Combining flute, guitar, drums and instruments-I-can’t-even-spell, they created magic at the venue. The kind of magic where u ‘hear‘ music instead of ‘seeing‘ the laserlights and the fireworks. The kind of magic where every instrument can be heard explicitly. The kind of magic where the music and vocals create goosebumps so deep that you feel the tingling sensation all over the body!

I was so lost in their music that as I came down from the crescendo, a couple of people next to me pointed out, ”Dude you were so immersed in their music that we thought you were meditating.” And although it didn’t strike me at that moment, that was The Best Compliment I ever got in a music concert and all I could mumble was, “They are amazing!”

And as I got back from the heaven of Raghu Dixit’s vocals, his team’s music and the crowd’s aura of chorus I realized I was a witness to something beyond extraordinary.

And as I was leaving the venue, I achieved a milestone of meeting the man himself. Shaking hands, all yours truly did was mumble like an idiot how awesome was their performance while in my head all I could think was ‘Thank you deeply for this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious experience!


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