Why Monday is not Dreadful?

Many of us know this evil. A dark period of time that robs the joys, happiness and mostly the peaceful sleep which we need so badly for escape from the previous’s night hangover! That evil is known as ‘Monday’ and yes, I do know the extent of its sinister plots.

But recently, I have started experiencing something impossible. Something I never fathomed even in my wildest dreams! You see, there’s a bunch of crazy people at my workplace, (Sorry people, NO mentions of name to make you people famous!) who have made me feel ‘Monday Blues‘ does not exist in any dictionary!

Even though there is work, the group does not miss out on having laughs, emptying the food contents or just simply having fun. The level of craziness goes beyond the science of space and time frequently. And this keeps going on…whole day and everyday!

Since my group urged me to write this blog, I will try my level best to describe them. (Sorry, still NO names!) There’s a couple of guys who are over-qualified to work, or even exist due to their worst trolls (and we still laugh!), couple of girls who come everyday to browse online retail stores for their ‘occasion dresses’, there is one who acts very matured but the level of her childishness is more better to watch while another’s just accent is one of the reasons our group have so much fun. Combine these characters with few others like me and VOILA! you have got the geniuses who defy logic with trolling!

The best thing about the group is even though there is diverse qualities in each, the motto ‘to have fun‘ is what plays an integral role for unity. Such is the level of fun that holidays are boring for us and this is the reason for Monday not being dreadful for me.


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