Carols and Happiness

IMG_3544I am curious to know…Have any of you had a song stuck to your head that it drove you crazy but at the same time put a smile to those lips while you reminisced about the occasion of the song? I know I am at this particular juncture right now.

As you know if you have read my previous blogs, my workplace is one of the fun places I happen to be at and since this is the holiday’s season, the dose of fun has been multiplied! Our workplace has started a ritual of Fun-Friday’s. Basically it’s meant to bring life to the mundane and tiresome week. And my realm’s colleagues has chosen your’s truly as their leader. And along with leaders of different realms, we do our best to make Fridays happening!

So back to 24th December. The leaders had arranged for one loud and entertaining event in order to celebrate Christmas and after a series of meetings and variety of ideas, our workplace was going to be graced with presence of none other than Santa Claus!!!

So now I have a confession to make. Ever since I was a kid, on the eve of 25th of December, our neighbor’s home was always filled with with sounds of drums, children’s laughter and Santa’s bell while I would be peeking through the keyhole and would feel sad because I wasn’t a part of it. But everything was going to change. I WAS GOING TO MEET SANTA!

So on the D-Day, as planned to the detail, our event went without a hitch. There was carols, dance and whole lot of fun. Your’s truly was an elf who had perfected the ‘Jingle Bells‘ and was crooning on top of the lungs. I had perfected the carol so well that later while I tried to sleep at night, I was still humming it and still while I am writing this blog I am humming it!

So my question to you dear reader, is there a song stuck to your head right now and you can’t help but hum and smile?


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