Memorializing a good time

Have you ever had such a grand time of enjoyment that time just zoomed past before you could comprehend that you were having fun? What really bakes the noodle is that you never realize that tiny moments passing by. Its only after the dust has setted down that you remember those moments and makes you nostalgic!

But this blog is not about reminiscing the past but memorializing a fresh new one which I recently had an opportunity to encounter!

Imagine planning something big for a mob of 20 and trying to bring it into fruition amidst all the frenzy of my office environment where work is done when we are not busy having fun and despite all the differences in the team in the past, everyone cheerfully made the occasion a magnificent one by participating with just one prime goal – to have utmost fun!

Forget a team member’s birthday bash, forget the several selfies we clicked and forget the delicious and mouth-watering foods we had, the whole crowd had an amazing time! And that is something which is a fundamental element for us and will always be. Lest hope there are more spectacular times ahead awaiting!


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