Butterflies in Stomach

what's love calvin and hobbes.gif

Go on. Ask her how her weekend was.

No effing way! We have not even said hello yet and you want me to ask her about the weekend?

What best way to break the ice then? Just staring at her till she catches your eye and then awkwardly waving at her?

I have got blogs to work on. So much work’s pending and..

Bullshit. You are trying to divert from the topic at hand.

Alright, I will try.

Minutes pass by.

DING! *Elevator door opens and she steps in.


Those were the voices arguing inside me while I was acting as if I was working on something important. The moment she stepped into the elevator and the door’s closed, only then I remembered how to breathe.

Way to go. Team Awkward!‘ one voice muttered.

This funny yet strangely exciting feeling in the pit of my stomach made me take a step back and realise something important. This has happened to me before, and quite a few number of times, frankly speaking.

Do you remember the butterflies you get in your stomach when you see someone and you cannot define what they mean to you? Even a glimpse of them is enough or a quick eye-contact is all that’s needed to make your day good.  Or you might hit the jackpot and get that one sweet smile which can lighten up the senses like Christmas!

It’s funny how you can have a strong and charming personality around anybody except that one person. Its as if the every ‘Awkward’ genes come together and halts your basic motor functions. And what’s more funny is this happens every time someone special comes close to your orbit. I am curious how this ‘Awkward’ genes decide when to wake up from the slumber and help act weird in front of that someone.

As Deadpool (one of my favourite characters) said, “I’m just a boy, about to stand in front of a girl, and tell her…WHAT THE FUCK I’M GOING TO TELL HER?

Wish me luck!


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