Small Moments

The inception of music concerts has been a blessing in this messed up world of today. It’s something which takes one to a place where there is nothing but absolute bliss. A place where none of the everyday problems clings to you. At least that’s what I feel about music gigs.

A couple of days back, one of my personal favourite U.K. group of trio  named ‘Above & Beyond’ had been to my city on a  mini tour.  This group is…let’s just say, simply incredible at the music they create! Sadly, I never got a chance in the past to attend a live concert of theirs. So the moment I received the news of them performing at Mumbai, I don’t think I have ever booked tickets at such a swift pace for any event as I did for theirs!

And the waiting game began. Day-dreaming about the event, imagining the tracks which will be played at the venue and keeping an eye out on social media pages for any new updates was a favourite pastime.

Since the group was close to heart, your’s truly had planned for posting twitter requests for tracks to play and getting few clicks for creating new memories. Suffice to say, planning was done to the detail and was counting down the days.

And then Above & Beyond happened!

The moment they took the sage with a ‘Hello’, confetti and the crowd’s roar reached sky high! Giddy with excitement, we cheered on top-of-our-lungs when they started belting hits after hits of their amazing soundtracks. We literally went above and beyond of this earth’s dimension.

Those 2 hours of non-stop music and dance engulfed people with just pure pleasure. Nothing else mattered as we were experiencing something too beautiful to put it into words here. The cheering of crowds, the grooving to tracks and to see happiness in everyone’s eyes was so emotionally powerful that I can never get over anytime soon.

As the world slowly returned to Earth from their music, I couldn’t help but remember the lines from one of their songs…

Time held its breath
A motionless spell of rapture
Across the room
A memory had been captured