Ramblings on ‘Love’

Presenting to you, 

some ramblings I did new. 

Where there are simple thoughts for you, 

and some for me too!


Why is it so, 

that love cannot be seen into. 

And why is it so, 

that a feeling can make or break you?


Why can love be seen only by few, 

when the whole world is searching too? 

What makes it be special so, 

that only the few worthy stumble into?


How come its felt in the wind for you, 

or the chirping of birds or in the sun rays too? 

‘Cos I would very much like to, 

feel those beautiful things too.


Can you feel it in the smiling eyes, 

Or the way it soothes you? 

Maybe its hidden in the heart of you, 

which sometimes shows in eyes too.


People say its a mystery not to dwell into 

but mine sometimes aches to. 

If I can help find happiness for you, 

Maybe I will find it too.