Ramblings on ‘Friends’

Hello I am back with something new, 

are you here for the same too? 

‘Cos if the answer’s ‘yes’ from you,

then this mind has someone to talk to.


So what’s the last thing you laughed to? 

I mean like really laughed to? 

Was it with friends of you, 

or was it with just you?


Does college life reminds of school to you,

and work reminds of college too? 

What makes missing that life for you, 

is it the fun or the lectures for you?


Friends are in abundance too, 

but somehow you hang with just the two. 

Is it just me, 

or is it the same for you?


The only people worth standing up to, 

friends are more worthy than the rest of the pool. 

Maybe a handful is sufficient for you, 

the only family who are just way too cool.


I guess its high time too, 

but I do love my friends as do you! 

Maybe there’ll be more ramblings coming soon to you, 

but for now, I bid adieu.


Remembering the Journey

I am sitting at my workplace in Bandra, admiring the skyline view while Zoe Johnston is speaking about the peace of mind. This skyline is the kind where the sky is covered with broad strokes of shades of orange and red while there are small specks of lights from the buildings below it.

Just a few more hours to usher in the New Year and I can sense the excitement in people around me! There’s a gleam of happiness in the eyes as if something beautiful is about to happen. Somehow this makes me happy to see that others are in that festive spirit.

As for your’s truly, this was a year of absolute fun sprinkled with few doses of heartbreaks. Looking back at it, I believe this was one of the best year, ever. Period. As someone said, ‘Best friends make the good times better and hard times easier.‘ Its certainly truly for me. The crazy times with some of the best pals is literally the fundamental factor for this year’s cruising so swiftly.

I think this is enough to post about the last night of 2015 because there are so many memories that if written down, can become short stories of its own!

As Hemingway said, ‘It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.


Moving On.

Hello everyone.

Hope you all are doing well. Personally speaking, the past few weeks have not been good. If you have read this previous blog of mine you would know that life was pretty amazing with awesome yet crazy friends, few pointless dramas and most importantly…blissful happiness!

But as Nelly Furtado said, “All good things come to an end.”, our bubble of happiness burst and we crashed back to earth, hard. Events conspired to such an extent that led us to walk out.

To cut long story short, each was battling their own demons. We all were miserable and spiralling down the rabbit hole.

Until yesterday.

An unforeseen event led to an impromptu meet of our group. And out of the blue, a flicker of joy could be seen in each one’s eyes. Catching up with present and taking a trip down the memory lane, we realised that we still have each other’s back.

And so the battle had begun.

The isolation, the helpless feeling, the paranoia was getting nudged back. An overwhelming emotion was fighting back. And before anyone knew, the shadows were buried back where it came from.

After spending yet another amazing time together, I realised that I can finally bid adieu to our past beautiful moments and move on. Even though we people are not together anymore, the bond still remains strong. More so, if I am bold to venture that notion!

And till now life has taught me that sometimes, when the chips are down and we have people who has our back, that is more than adequate for a fight back.

As Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.”

Memorializing a good time

Have you ever had such a grand time of enjoyment that time just zoomed past before you could comprehend that you were having fun? What really bakes the noodle is that you never realize that tiny moments passing by. Its only after the dust has setted down that you remember those moments and makes you nostalgic!

But this blog is not about reminiscing the past but memorializing a fresh new one which I recently had an opportunity to encounter!

Imagine planning something big for a mob of 20 and trying to bring it into fruition amidst all the frenzy of my office environment where work is done when we are not busy having fun and despite all the differences in the team in the past, everyone cheerfully made the occasion a magnificent one by participating with just one prime goal – to have utmost fun!

Forget a team member’s birthday bash, forget the several selfies we clicked and forget the delicious and mouth-watering foods we had, the whole crowd had an amazing time! And that is something which is a fundamental element for us and will always be. Lest hope there are more spectacular times ahead awaiting!

The Ongoing Aspect of Human Existence

First of all, I apologize for the unintended break. I was busy with a particular aspect of human existence called ‘Life’. Actually, its just when I started to write, I realized that 3 months of this year have already passed away, which means my New Year Resolutions are way out of the window…at least for this year!

Anyways, I hope you all my fellow bloggers are having a pleasant time. I certainly am. The reason being the company I work for, have refurbished the brand and now my relatives know the whereabouts of my workplace, except for the few souls who have given blank expressions when I tried to explain unsuccessfully (hate it when that happens!).

So, its exciting to work and more importantly the reason for this excitement are the buffoons at my workplace, who I regard them as my ‘friends‘. Sorry, they are the ‘best pals’ I could ask for! I can honestly say that I love to work here. Yea, I know its a sin to love your job but its not the case for me. With such amazing people around to fuel my creativity, the environment is pretty amazing. Sure, we have mellowed down on corners, but the elemental aspect is still intact and that aspect is to have fun as much as possible.

I have no idea why I wrote this blog. Maybe there was something rooted deep-down that I wanted to share with the world about how fun life could be with some insane and crazy people around!

Why Monday is not Dreadful?

Many of us know this evil. A dark period of time that robs the joys, happiness and mostly the peaceful sleep which we need so badly for escape from the previous’s night hangover! That evil is known as ‘Monday’ and yes, I do know the extent of its sinister plots.

But recently, I have started experiencing something impossible. Something I never fathomed even in my wildest dreams! You see, there’s a bunch of crazy people at my workplace, (Sorry people, NO mentions of name to make you people famous!) who have made me feel ‘Monday Blues‘ does not exist in any dictionary!

Even though there is work, the group does not miss out on having laughs, emptying the food contents or just simply having fun. The level of craziness goes beyond the science of space and time frequently. And this keeps going on…whole day and everyday!

Since my group urged me to write this blog, I will try my level best to describe them. (Sorry, still NO names!) There’s a couple of guys who are over-qualified to work, or even exist due to their worst trolls (and we still laugh!), couple of girls who come everyday to browse online retail stores for their ‘occasion dresses’, there is one who acts very matured but the level of her childishness is more better to watch while another’s just accent is one of the reasons our group have so much fun. Combine these characters with few others like me and VOILA! you have got the geniuses who defy logic with trolling!

The best thing about the group is even though there is diverse qualities in each, the motto ‘to have fun‘ is what plays an integral role for unity. Such is the level of fun that holidays are boring for us and this is the reason for Monday not being dreadful for me.

The Ride above the Sea.


Whatever the current situation is, if your friends asks you to come for a hangout, you go…no questions asked. Its an untold pact we all make. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to go out with them and I didn’t even ask where. Now it seems it was a pretty good idea…not to ask. B’cos I wouldn’t have had that look of surprise and joy with me if I knew I was going to a place where I had never been before….The Bandra-Worli Sealink.

The car ride at the humid climate made the visitation a little bit bothersome but the moment we were on that Sealink, the towering structures with the cables holding that majestic bridge made us feel in awe and wonder. The smooth roads, the various cars racing to their destinations and the cool breeze made the group feel….i think ‘contented’ is the proper word here.

Forgot that we were hauled by traffic policeman for extra people or we didn’t have proper papers of the car, yet that hindrance was minor hiccup. What is more fun than group of friends arguing over which song should be played in the car or confusing each other where to eat? The whole trip was filled with fun, especially because everyone of them had finally completed last paper of their 4 year-long engineering course.


The Worli Seaface was an added bonus. Watching the waves crashing over the shores while everyone sitting with a satisfied smile was just a calming effect everyone needed.

Finally the return journey of dropping friends one-by-one home, all the while admiring the view of empty road, the lamp post disappearing from the view due to car zooming at good speed and the night sky with small specks of lights from the apartments were the perfect ingredients for the serene feeling washing over and ending the awesome time everyone had with yearning for more of such times in future.