Ramblings on ‘Friends’

Hello I am back with something new, 

are you here for the same too? 

‘Cos if the answer’s ‘yes’ from you,

then this mind has someone to talk to.


So what’s the last thing you laughed to? 

I mean like really laughed to? 

Was it with friends of you, 

or was it with just you?


Does college life reminds of school to you,

and work reminds of college too? 

What makes missing that life for you, 

is it the fun or the lectures for you?


Friends are in abundance too, 

but somehow you hang with just the two. 

Is it just me, 

or is it the same for you?


The only people worth standing up to, 

friends are more worthy than the rest of the pool. 

Maybe a handful is sufficient for you, 

the only family who are just way too cool.


I guess its high time too, 

but I do love my friends as do you! 

Maybe there’ll be more ramblings coming soon to you, 

but for now, I bid adieu.



Good day everyone of you,

presenting thoughts which are anew.

Where the mind comes up with topics for you,

and hopes that the heart is touched too!


Forgive for the wrongs which can be found by you,

there will sure be mistakes of plenty sorts too.

For some, it will be grammar which will give Monday Blues,

while for others, will be the sentence structure too!


But if attempted to get past the words by you,

a chance is there that might help to focus on the clues.

Of what is elementary in this world for dear you, 

for which your heart yearns truly too!

Butterflies in Stomach

what's love calvin and hobbes.gif

Go on. Ask her how her weekend was.

No effing way! We have not even said hello yet and you want me to ask her about the weekend?

What best way to break the ice then? Just staring at her till she catches your eye and then awkwardly waving at her?

I have got blogs to work on. So much work’s pending and..

Bullshit. You are trying to divert from the topic at hand.

Alright, I will try.

Minutes pass by.

DING! *Elevator door opens and she steps in.


Those were the voices arguing inside me while I was acting as if I was working on something important. The moment she stepped into the elevator and the door’s closed, only then I remembered how to breathe.

Way to go. Team Awkward!‘ one voice muttered.

This funny yet strangely exciting feeling in the pit of my stomach made me take a step back and realise something important. This has happened to me before, and quite a few number of times, frankly speaking.

Do you remember the butterflies you get in your stomach when you see someone and you cannot define what they mean to you? Even a glimpse of them is enough or a quick eye-contact is all that’s needed to make your day good.  Or you might hit the jackpot and get that one sweet smile which can lighten up the senses like Christmas!

It’s funny how you can have a strong and charming personality around anybody except that one person. Its as if the every ‘Awkward’ genes come together and halts your basic motor functions. And what’s more funny is this happens every time someone special comes close to your orbit. I am curious how this ‘Awkward’ genes decide when to wake up from the slumber and help act weird in front of that someone.

As Deadpool (one of my favourite characters) said, “I’m just a boy, about to stand in front of a girl, and tell her…WHAT THE FUCK I’M GOING TO TELL HER?

Wish me luck!

Pursuing Rajdhani

Mumbai Central Rajdhani.jpg

The mood was cheerful as the sun shined brightly in the morning. Everything was going on smoothly till we missed our pre-planned local train from Dombivli. As the train raced away from the sights, our heart sank. Our brains started the worst-case scenario’s Powerpoint presentation. If this local train was lost, then it meant we would lose the changing local train from Dadar Junction, which was supposed to get us to Mumbai Central. This in turn, meant we would eventually lose the Rajdhani. All the hours of planning and deciding which places to visit on our first trip to Delhi was going down the drain.

The mood was tense as we caught a slow train from Dombivli. This was going to take us a complete hour to reach Dadar. Calculating possible and easier routes was how we tried to keep the negative thoughts at bay. Each and every route’s time to reach was very crucial. Picturing every outcome of all the possible routes was how we kept ourselves engrossed. Even the sound of laughter had an undertone of nervousness.

As our local train halted at Dadar,we leapt and ran like the hellhounds were chasing us. Yelling and screaming, we zigzagged through the crowd. This heroic efforts led us to get the other local train for Mumbai Central at the last second. Calming our heartbeats, which sounded as if someone was beating the drums, we waited to see if our efforts were going to pay off.

But we were not out of the woods yet! As we were reaching our destined train, a Ticket Checker made us freeze to the ground. Remember the antics at Dadar of running and screaming? Well, we had forgotten to get local tickets in all that hustle! We took leave from him with less money in our pockets. We ran to the platform, panting. And lo and behold! There was our train, standing in all glory. And strangely, the Powerpoint presentation ended abruptly. Within few minutes of getting in the Rajdhani, the train started chugging away from the platform.

The mood was relaxed. Outside, the evening had a pleasant warmth with acres of greenery as far as the eye can see. We had finally made it through all the hurdles. Everything was alright now.

Remembering the Journey

I am sitting at my workplace in Bandra, admiring the skyline view while Zoe Johnston is speaking about the peace of mind. This skyline is the kind where the sky is covered with broad strokes of shades of orange and red while there are small specks of lights from the buildings below it.

Just a few more hours to usher in the New Year and I can sense the excitement in people around me! There’s a gleam of happiness in the eyes as if something beautiful is about to happen. Somehow this makes me happy to see that others are in that festive spirit.

As for your’s truly, this was a year of absolute fun sprinkled with few doses of heartbreaks. Looking back at it, I believe this was one of the best year, ever. Period. As someone said, ‘Best friends make the good times better and hard times easier.‘ Its certainly truly for me. The crazy times with some of the best pals is literally the fundamental factor for this year’s cruising so swiftly.

I think this is enough to post about the last night of 2015 because there are so many memories that if written down, can become short stories of its own!

As Hemingway said, ‘It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.


Chords of Rain

rain2Monsoon. The time when the scorched earth and the earthlings gets a blissful relief from the hot and humid summer. The time when the air has a twinge of earthly smell all around and the heart’s yearning for a deep-rooted desire is sky high!

Nothing is more quintessential than having a cozy afternoon along with a hot cup of chocolate milk and hearing the musical notes created by the raindrops while it falls from heaven!

Here I am, sitting near a window and a gentle awareness is creeping in of the symphony of pitter-patter around me. The trail of sliding droplets in the window gives a small measure of unfounded happiness.The sight of greenery in the ground is mesmerising. As though, all the flora have suddenly woke up from their deep sleep and are inching to open themselves to the heavens to thank for the compassion they are bestowed with. The lovely caress of raindrops and the gentle breeze of air on the trees, making them dance joyously, is enchanting to feast one’s eyes on!

It’s no wonder I feel the same thing, to sing and dance in this fantastic ambience. To attain the happiness I once used to achieve while I was less older than I am now. That cold shower of rain and a warm embrace of a dear one. Oh how I wish to be that young again!

Memorializing a good time

Have you ever had such a grand time of enjoyment that time just zoomed past before you could comprehend that you were having fun? What really bakes the noodle is that you never realize that tiny moments passing by. Its only after the dust has setted down that you remember those moments and makes you nostalgic!

But this blog is not about reminiscing the past but memorializing a fresh new one which I recently had an opportunity to encounter!

Imagine planning something big for a mob of 20 and trying to bring it into fruition amidst all the frenzy of my office environment where work is done when we are not busy having fun and despite all the differences in the team in the past, everyone cheerfully made the occasion a magnificent one by participating with just one prime goal – to have utmost fun!

Forget a team member’s birthday bash, forget the several selfies we clicked and forget the delicious and mouth-watering foods we had, the whole crowd had an amazing time! And that is something which is a fundamental element for us and will always be. Lest hope there are more spectacular times ahead awaiting!