Joie De Vivre

89de9c01dd46b0186a7d2eaa67fe5749Have you ever stopped dead on tracks of whatever you were doing and wondered aloud, ‘How did I end up here?’ or ‘Where did the time go?’ Trying to piece together the moments we lost when we were busy focusing on trivial things and completely forgetting the important ones.

Yes, life is a journey but most of the time it feels like we are just programmed to pursue and meet the demands of the comfortable lifestyle we dream of. In the pursuit of something better, we overlook the current good times we usually have.This yearning for better is quite good but somewhere in this daily struggle for improvement, we tend to lose the focus on what really matters at the present.

Remember the time when you actually enjoyed the feeling of warm sun on your face, the smell of earth while raining or a cool breeze hitting you? Those times when the summer was incomplete without a stain of grass and dirt on you, or watching that goldfish gliding gently in the aquarium or just simply having that favourite ice-cream which made your day?

Simple joys are such a rare thing nowadays.

Sometimes, we are in such a hurry to reach some place that we neglect the beauty and grace of the universe around us. Yes, life is a journey but a journey consists of a collection of moments and in the end, the only thing that matters is how graceful and magical are those moments.


Moving On.

Hello everyone.

Hope you all are doing well. Personally speaking, the past few weeks have not been good. If you have read this previous blog of mine you would know that life was pretty amazing with awesome yet crazy friends, few pointless dramas and most importantly…blissful happiness!

But as Nelly Furtado said, “All good things come to an end.”, our bubble of happiness burst and we crashed back to earth, hard. Events conspired to such an extent that led us to walk out.

To cut long story short, each was battling their own demons. We all were miserable and spiralling down the rabbit hole.

Until yesterday.

An unforeseen event led to an impromptu meet of our group. And out of the blue, a flicker of joy could be seen in each one’s eyes. Catching up with present and taking a trip down the memory lane, we realised that we still have each other’s back.

And so the battle had begun.

The isolation, the helpless feeling, the paranoia was getting nudged back. An overwhelming emotion was fighting back. And before anyone knew, the shadows were buried back where it came from.

After spending yet another amazing time together, I realised that I can finally bid adieu to our past beautiful moments and move on. Even though we people are not together anymore, the bond still remains strong. More so, if I am bold to venture that notion!

And till now life has taught me that sometimes, when the chips are down and we have people who has our back, that is more than adequate for a fight back.

As Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.”

Chords of Rain

rain2Monsoon. The time when the scorched earth and the earthlings gets a blissful relief from the hot and humid summer. The time when the air has a twinge of earthly smell all around and the heart’s yearning for a deep-rooted desire is sky high!

Nothing is more quintessential than having a cozy afternoon along with a hot cup of chocolate milk and hearing the musical notes created by the raindrops while it falls from heaven!

Here I am, sitting near a window and a gentle awareness is creeping in of the symphony of pitter-patter around me. The trail of sliding droplets in the window gives a small measure of unfounded happiness.The sight of greenery in the ground is mesmerising. As though, all the flora have suddenly woke up from their deep sleep and are inching to open themselves to the heavens to thank for the compassion they are bestowed with. The lovely caress of raindrops and the gentle breeze of air on the trees, making them dance joyously, is enchanting to feast one’s eyes on!

It’s no wonder I feel the same thing, to sing and dance in this fantastic ambience. To attain the happiness I once used to achieve while I was less older than I am now. That cold shower of rain and a warm embrace of a dear one. Oh how I wish to be that young again!

Memorializing a good time

Have you ever had such a grand time of enjoyment that time just zoomed past before you could comprehend that you were having fun? What really bakes the noodle is that you never realize that tiny moments passing by. Its only after the dust has setted down that you remember those moments and makes you nostalgic!

But this blog is not about reminiscing the past but memorializing a fresh new one which I recently had an opportunity to encounter!

Imagine planning something big for a mob of 20 and trying to bring it into fruition amidst all the frenzy of my office environment where work is done when we are not busy having fun and despite all the differences in the team in the past, everyone cheerfully made the occasion a magnificent one by participating with just one prime goal – to have utmost fun!

Forget a team member’s birthday bash, forget the several selfies we clicked and forget the delicious and mouth-watering foods we had, the whole crowd had an amazing time! And that is something which is a fundamental element for us and will always be. Lest hope there are more spectacular times ahead awaiting!

Back to the Basics

Hello world, this is a fellow blogger from a corner of his home trying to introduce myself and failing at it miserably! Still, there is nothing quite like it to publish a blog on a usual basis. I am a writer who tries to inject fun into the blog for the readers (Yea, its you I am talking about!), making you feel good. I am also a simple human who tries to find happiness at the tiniest places for the fulfillment of some unknown and deeply-rooted conscience thing.

As for why, its easy. I am here to have fun, either be it blogging or making friends or even the plain old number of likes. But all this is just to make a better blogger out of me. To prove to myself that I am going to be a successful blogger, who doesn’t know what to write and yet still writes a blog!

Carols and Happiness

IMG_3544I am curious to know…Have any of you had a song stuck to your head that it drove you crazy but at the same time put a smile to those lips while you reminisced about the occasion of the song? I know I am at this particular juncture right now.

As you know if you have read my previous blogs, my workplace is one of the fun places I happen to be at and since this is the holiday’s season, the dose of fun has been multiplied! Our workplace has started a ritual of Fun-Friday’s. Basically it’s meant to bring life to the mundane and tiresome week. And my realm’s colleagues has chosen your’s truly as their leader. And along with leaders of different realms, we do our best to make Fridays happening!

So back to 24th December. The leaders had arranged for one loud and entertaining event in order to celebrate Christmas and after a series of meetings and variety of ideas, our workplace was going to be graced with presence of none other than Santa Claus!!!

So now I have a confession to make. Ever since I was a kid, on the eve of 25th of December, our neighbor’s home was always filled with with sounds of drums, children’s laughter and Santa’s bell while I would be peeking through the keyhole and would feel sad because I wasn’t a part of it. But everything was going to change. I WAS GOING TO MEET SANTA!

So on the D-Day, as planned to the detail, our event went without a hitch. There was carols, dance and whole lot of fun. Your’s truly was an elf who had perfected the ‘Jingle Bells‘ and was crooning on top of the lungs. I had perfected the carol so well that later while I tried to sleep at night, I was still humming it and still while I am writing this blog I am humming it!

So my question to you dear reader, is there a song stuck to your head right now and you can’t help but hum and smile?

‘Twas the time of festive spirit!


December…the month of chilly mornings, festive shopping and an unknown excitement bubbling through each human. The only thing missing is the snow but we make do with what we have. The best thing I love about December is that there isn’t just a particular group who celebrates this festive season. Every human being gets the spirit of having fun as if magically someone has breathed life into their mundane life. I think maybe that’s why I am writing this blog, to celebrate the month of December.

While I was travelling today to work, I couldn’t help but wonder what made December so special? Is it the Christmas spirit or the Santa Claus (Yes, I do believe in him!) or is it the forthcoming New Year and reminiscing about the current year’s tried-but-failed resolutions! Whatever the reason, a glimmer of hope can be seen in people’s eyes. Joy is more profound in the smile while the heart seems little more content.

I have no idea why I wrote this blog, maybe to make people realize that the present itsy-bitsy moment is special and to have more fun. Hopefully the message has been reached out there and a small smile might get escaped from whoever is reading it!

Happy Holidays!!!