The S(h)elf Happiness

Take a look at your bookcase. If you had enough free time, which book would be the first one you’d like to reread? Why?


Okay I have a confession to make. I like to read the books I loved reading. Again and again. Be it Hannibal series of Thomas Harris or Michael Bennett series of James Patterson, everyone of those and so many other novels of notable authors, I loved re-reading them.

They say novels are a man’s best friend and I completely agree with whoever told that. Its necessary to experience an absorbing journey filled with adventures and wonder. Unfortunately many of us don’t get that experience in our mundane life and that is the reason novels are created. And for a person like me, who lives in an imaginary land with dragons and treasures, novels are the ultimate friends to hang out with.

But if I am to reread a book right now, it would be an amazing trilogy of Steig Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Why? Because its been a long time since I read that one. Simple!




What Is Fun About?

I met with a long lost friend of mine today. Someone I was very close to but we had got busy with our activities in this journey called life. The meeting was sudden out of the blue. Just a text of address and lo and behold, here we were, at some half-opened mall. We spent the time reminiscing about the times we had fun. About the time when the whole bunch of our group, acted like crazy. Some of the fondest memories of our college times!

We parted later after catching up with loads of stuff, having crazy talks and laughing like nobody else mattered. While coming back, a thought struck me and before I was given this assignment, I was thinking about it as to how to put it in a blog. The thought was a simple one. ‘What is fun all about?

The answer for that question is not easy and will never be. Every person will answer this question differently and that goes for me too. Fun is something which is the human element, the profound basis for our existence. And yet, people forget about it. Nowadays all everyone is trying is for getting money, fame or some other which comes in this category.

Remember the time when we were children and all we cared about was simple and innocent things. Like playing in the mud or wondering where rain came from or trying to be good for Santa to bring that favorite batman figure for us. That period of life where he loved going to school just to meet our friends and share lunch, loving the summer for the vacation time and waiting excitedly for birthday party.

Those were the times when we truly had fun. No hassles, no fuss and definitely not stressed for homework! Those moments are now just replaced with various activities which is just a shell for fun. Fun is just one factor which can help to achieve happiness. Because ultimately whatever we do is for achieving happiness.

Fun is about having friends who we can laugh with, express ourselves without fearing for their judging and most importantly, be ourselves.

Fun is having a loving family who protects you from the onslaught of world.

Fun is helping the ones who need you.

But the most important goal for keeping the fun alive is to keep that child alive inside you who loved the mud and the rain.

The Crossroad

What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears. If you’re up for a twist, write this post in a style that’s different from your own.

Goddamit you, don’t be afraid of not making them happy. If you are happy, then they will be happy!‘ a small voice advised me. Here I was, trying unsuccessfully to come to a decision of choosing a career. I was at crossroads. I wanted one thing and was getting into another. It wasn’t that I couldn’t choose my own but it was complicated as hell for me. Thing was, I didn’t want to make others dejected because of my choice and hence I was complying.

What if I couldn’t make others happy?’ that was the question which haunted and scared the hell out of me. Sometimes, it still does! But I have learned that whatever anyone does, there will be someone who isn’t going to be happy and they will try to intimidate you or make you feel like loser. But it doesn’t matter. Because…ultimately what matters is one’s own point of view!

So yes I chose my own path much against my parent’s wishes and yes they weren’t fully happy about it but in time, they accepted it. And they learned to be happy about it. But I still hear the mutterings under the breath when they think I’m not listening.

The Seashore


Ever since I was a kid, I was always infatuated with seashore. And being near one helped me with my infatuation too. It’s the one place I ever felt truly calm and happy. And the view…Oh sweet heavens!

There’s nothing more blissful than the sand underneath your feet, the sound of waves crashing, making a beautiful melody, the gentle wind on your face and the afterglow of sunset.
The trail of footsteps on sand letting the earth know u walked here, the sea water caressing your feet, the bobbing of boats on the water so far that it looks like a toy and the gentle sway of trees almost as if dancing with the breeze.
The fine grains of sand slipping through the fingers when you hold it, the small native crabs running to their safe place upon your arrival, the serene feeling washing over while watching the sunset.

If only life could be that simpler…

Does Music has the Power to Heal?

That’s the question I am stumped on right now. Usually the crazy questions comes while I am about to sleep, but since this one has chosen this moment to form in my head; I will ponder over it while I listen to music.

For my answer to be understood, I would like to start somewhere it makes sense. Recently I was going through a…let’s say, difficult situation and I was sad about it. And the only thing which helped me was music of-course! There is nothing more soothing than a beautiful piece of melody with instruments and nothing more powerful than the dancing to those beats. Whatever the occasion or situation, music always helps. I know it doesn’t provide a solution but it surely helps to forget the problem for a while, at least.

Currently music is evolving at such breakneck speed that even the sky doesn’t seem to be the limit. Every day, we hear new things that make us yearn for more. Be it Mozart or Coldplay, EDM or Rock music, every single one of them helps to go through the day or night. And for music lovers, it’s the connection to discover the sole purpose of being. Each music is a gem in itself and the people who make it.

So does Music really help? My answer is, it gives the strength to face the difficult situation, which is a part in healing process and spread the happiness. So, till next time, keep dancing to those beats!

A Walk To Remember

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for had finally arrived. The main attraction of the evening, a walk on the famous Marine Drive, especially while gazing at the evening city lights which reflected like stars on the ground was finally emerging as a dream come true for everyone.

But it wasn’t just the walk or even the lights that was important than being with the people who mattered a great deal in life at that moment. The humid climate of May was a hindrance on evening’s stroll, yet everyone in the group were contented to be together. The sound of sea crashing over the rocks, creating a beautiful piece of music and the gentle breeze trying to cool the climate, giving a relaxed feeling, was just heavenly. The flashes of camera, helping to capture those moments of bliss was crucial piece for the group. The sounds of laughter and hushed conversations, made the evening more lively.

Though the group were there for more than 2 hours relaxing, they had to face the ugly truth – it was time to go back home. As Nelly Furtado said, ‘All good things come to an end.‘ the group started their last part of the evening – the walk back. To say the evening was amazing would be an understatement. The joyous face of each person indicated that the evening had gone much better than expected, even though they felt that time had flew away at lightning speed.

Some day while they look back at their life, this evening of joy, blissfulness, love and so many small things would make them remember what happiness is truly about. Though this will be one of the distant memory, it will be one of the most cherished one in each and everyone’s heart.