Ramblings on ‘Friends’

Hello I am back with something new, 

are you here for the same too? 

‘Cos if the answer’s ‘yes’ from you,

then this mind has someone to talk to.


So what’s the last thing you laughed to? 

I mean like really laughed to? 

Was it with friends of you, 

or was it with just you?


Does college life reminds of school to you,

and work reminds of college too? 

What makes missing that life for you, 

is it the fun or the lectures for you?


Friends are in abundance too, 

but somehow you hang with just the two. 

Is it just me, 

or is it the same for you?


The only people worth standing up to, 

friends are more worthy than the rest of the pool. 

Maybe a handful is sufficient for you, 

the only family who are just way too cool.


I guess its high time too, 

but I do love my friends as do you! 

Maybe there’ll be more ramblings coming soon to you, 

but for now, I bid adieu.



Good day everyone of you,

presenting thoughts which are anew.

Where the mind comes up with topics for you,

and hopes that the heart is touched too!


Forgive for the wrongs which can be found by you,

there will sure be mistakes of plenty sorts too.

For some, it will be grammar which will give Monday Blues,

while for others, will be the sentence structure too!


But if attempted to get past the words by you,

a chance is there that might help to focus on the clues.

Of what is elementary in this world for dear you, 

for which your heart yearns truly too!

Moving On.

Hello everyone.

Hope you all are doing well. Personally speaking, the past few weeks have not been good. If you have read this previous blog of mine you would know that life was pretty amazing with awesome yet crazy friends, few pointless dramas and most importantly…blissful happiness!

But as Nelly Furtado said, “All good things come to an end.”, our bubble of happiness burst and we crashed back to earth, hard. Events conspired to such an extent that led us to walk out.

To cut long story short, each was battling their own demons. We all were miserable and spiralling down the rabbit hole.

Until yesterday.

An unforeseen event led to an impromptu meet of our group. And out of the blue, a flicker of joy could be seen in each one’s eyes. Catching up with present and taking a trip down the memory lane, we realised that we still have each other’s back.

And so the battle had begun.

The isolation, the helpless feeling, the paranoia was getting nudged back. An overwhelming emotion was fighting back. And before anyone knew, the shadows were buried back where it came from.

After spending yet another amazing time together, I realised that I can finally bid adieu to our past beautiful moments and move on. Even though we people are not together anymore, the bond still remains strong. More so, if I am bold to venture that notion!

And till now life has taught me that sometimes, when the chips are down and we have people who has our back, that is more than adequate for a fight back.

As Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.”

Committed to Music…Now comitting to Writing about it.

Well I would admit, the first time I heard about this assignment to write about the 3 most significant songs…I was stumped! For one thing, most of the songs in my collection are pretty significant to me. Its not easy to write about just three bcos as a music lover, every music is very helpful in some kind of way. Whatever the emotions, every piece of music plays an important role in my life. So begging forgiveness fromthe other songs, I have chosen the ones which I have felt have been very…i think the word Im searching for is ‘influential’ for me till now.

I know one thing for sure with this assignment is I will get to know various genres and songs from various fellow 101 bloggers and im sure im going to love those blogs. Actually I had written reently a blog related to music and there i had said muisc doesnt help to solve the problems but it sure helps to forget it for a while.

Music has the power to calm the heart down when its hurting and also helps to pump the energy, the zeal when required. Personally even though whatever the swirling emotions i go through in a day, music always..and i repeat always, has provided a soothing effect. A blanket of calm when sad and rainbow of joy when happy.The instruments, the chorus, the vocals, every part necessary for creation helps me. I wiuld like to thank all those music makers for helping me as always, since I was a kid.

O yea..almost forgot the 3 significant songs for me…

  1. Above & Beyond Feat Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love
  2. Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come To An End)
  3. Coldplay – Paradise