Joie De Vivre

89de9c01dd46b0186a7d2eaa67fe5749Have you ever stopped dead on tracks of whatever you were doing and wondered aloud, ‘How did I end up here?’ or ‘Where did the time go?’ Trying to piece together the moments we lost when we were busy focusing on trivial things and completely forgetting the important ones.

Yes, life is a journey but most of the time it feels like we are just programmed to pursue and meet the demands of the comfortable lifestyle we dream of. In the pursuit of something better, we overlook the current good times we usually have.This yearning for better is quite good but somewhere in this daily struggle for improvement, we tend to lose the focus on what really matters at the present.

Remember the time when you actually enjoyed the feeling of warm sun on your face, the smell of earth while raining or a cool breeze hitting you? Those times when the summer was incomplete without a stain of grass and dirt on you, or watching that goldfish gliding gently in the aquarium or just simply having that favourite ice-cream which made your day?

Simple joys are such a rare thing nowadays.

Sometimes, we are in such a hurry to reach some place that we neglect the beauty and grace of the universe around us. Yes, life is a journey but a journey consists of a collection of moments and in the end, the only thing that matters is how graceful and magical are those moments.