Ramblings on ‘Earth’

Why does it say so, 

that the Universe’s  function is make right to? 

And this is how I kick off my ramblings too, 

so shall we get down for business yo?


Why is the sky’s so blue, 

and the mountains so huge? 

Why are the oceans so few, 

and what are we turning them into?


Why does mother nature help thou 

even when all the trouble is caused just by you. 

Why progress is the term we use, 

to justify what we do?


There are infinite stars and galaxies for you, 

and yet we can’t help destroying this one too. 

We all know that Atoms makes Universe into

and yet there’s debris on Moon too!


So many beautiful animals on Earth too, 

don’t know where they have all disappeared to? 

Maybe there will be day coming soon, 

when y’all will go extinct too!


How can it be true, 

that there can’t be any gain for you? 

Cos what we do is no less pain for Universe too,

if thats true what say you?