Ramblings on ‘Sunset’

Oh what a beautiful sunset I am a witness to, 

where the shades of orange and yellow artistically glue. 

Coming up with some new ramblings for you, 

if you love it let me know too!


What is it about the evening to you, 

that makes it wonderfully beautiful for you too? 

Is it just me or felt the same by you, 

when the melancholy sets in while the sun set’s cue?


What does a walk in the evening has to do 

with serene, calm and a peaceful feeling for you? 

Maybe I am the only one here for who, 

feels such surreal emotion so powerfully close to.


Why does the evening glitters with specks of lights new, 

and where does all the stars come through? 

The city lights changes the perspective into, 

of what a beautiful city ours can be too.


Maybe its the traffic that reminds you, 

of that long drive you went to. 

With long lost friends who, 

you felt normal being yourself too.


Those were the days we lived through, 

and are facing the future which is terrifyingly new. 

But the present is full of beauty too, 

so let us make it worth something into.