Ramblings on ‘Walk’

Hello there you beautiful you! 

hope your day is going well too. 

Enjoy this leisurely art of words glued, 

cos your’s truly is back with some ramblings new.


Oh, what a beautiful day this is too, 

when the sun shines warmly on you.

And what a beautiful sight it is to, 

indulge in the coolness of a sky’s blue.


Ever imagined what clouds are made of too, 

is it a big, fluffy, cotton candy shaped balloon? 

Or a beautiful dandelion waiting to be blown? 

whatever the season on, the sky looks artistically drawn.


Did nature ever mesmerise you, 

with its lush greenery bestowed onto? 

And did it ever happen with you, 

that while walking, the sun played peek-a-boo!


Does the starry night hymn to you, 

with its soothing silence of nothingness too? 

Do you wish of doing the day’s things anew, 

so that your conscience can sleep peacefully too?


Oh the walk is now coming close to. 

Does marvelling nature does that to you? 

Maybe its only felt by pleasingly few, 

when both the mind and the heart are contented too.