Ramblings on ‘Train’

Sitting in a train makes me think so, 

is it the speed  that is moving us through? 

The tired masks loudly says it too, 

what the world has come to?


Presenting the usual ramblings to you, 

where the mind concocts something new.

If you are not familiar with this cue, 

just read some previous ramblings too.


Where was the last time you travelled to, 

with bags and luggage all set through. 

Was it in a crowded train for you, 

when you realised that this one wouldn’t halt upto?


Was there a safety check of belongings too 

when boarding of train was done by you? 

Or is it just me who loves to do, 

the important rule of seeing things through?


Do you hang at the door too, 

where there’s a constant danger of falling through? 

Maybe its the sweet breeze that compells you, 

To do what your Mom says NOT to do.


Everyday there’s a constant struggle for you, 

where an inch of space matters a great deal too. 

But ultimately the thought hits you, 

what the world has come to?